Happy New Year to all our BOA friends and family!

We wish you all the a blessed 2019!

We had a wonderful holiday season, some of it a busy blur, but much of it filled with the joy and laughter of the best kind, that which comes from lighthearted children. The kids had a break from school from the 20th on and though a break from routine can wreak havoc on everyone’s feelings of stability we loved the extra time to enjoy with each other, playing games and reading books together. For some of our girls this was the first year they have ever celebrated Christmas. We loved being able to reinforce God’s love for them all through advent as we shared about Jesus' gift of salvation, one which we are so thankful our girls know personally. We baked cookies and sang carols, and some generous friends bought each of the girls a new fancy dress. They felt like the princesses they’ve seen in movies, swooshing and twirling their colorful skirts and taking care not to get them dirty. Lisa turned 11 on the 24th and along with holiday activities we had our traditional birthday celebration of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. It can be hard having your birthday so near Christmas, but Lisa didn’t care. She felt special that she almost shares her birthday with baby Jesus.

On Christmas Eve the girls were exhausted from activity but too excited to sleep so we watched The Santa Claus and Jingle All the Way until their eyelids got heavy. Christmas morning there were presents under the tree for everyone, and the girls excitedly and with heartfelt gratitude opened each one. The oldest 10 girls got wrist watches and the youngest 2 got dolls. Our daughter Mellissa had made each of the girls a set of beautiful earrings and a necklace out of leather and sent them down. They were absolutely gorgeous and the girls loved the jewelry, they also loved that far away family had thought of them in such a special way. After the girls had opened these gifts and they thought that we were done handing out presents we rolled out with four brand new bicycles that had been hidden in the guest room. The girls were so ecstatic, and after hugs and thanks repeated to us both 12 times, just like that the house was empty and all the girls were outside helping each other attempt to ride! By the end of the day at least six girls had learnt to ride a bike!!! We were so impressed. Since then whenever the girls have free time the bikes are in use. We are so thankful for a nice sized yard that they can ride around in. We had such a wonderful Christmas day. After they wore themselves out on the bikes Mavis made pizza for supper. The girls had made a special request for it, as pizza is their favorite food. We played mathematics bingo for quite a while and had a ton of candy, which they almost never have. The girls absolutely love bingo, especially when candies are the prize. It was a magical day, and we will forever cherish the memories of this first Christmas with all of them together. Thank you to all who contributed to make this possible!

January 1st is not only New Year’s Day but it is also Haitian Independence day.

January 1st is not only New Year’s Day but it is also Haitian Independence day. This day is traditionally celebrated with a big pot of “soup joumou”, pumpkin soup. We kept up with this tradition and Mavis, Mona, and the older girls all worked together to make this delicious part of their Haitian heritage. We also celebrated the passing of the old year and the coming of the new with a trip to the beach which the girls of course loved!

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