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Restavek is a Haitian Kreyol word that comes from the French term “rester avec” which means “to stay with”. In Haiti a restavek is a child who is sent or in some cases even sold by his or her parent or guardian (see more...)


Gary and Mavis Unger originally came to Haiti in December of 2014 on a two week trip to help host an evangelical conference for local women. It was then that they met their now daughter Mitchella. (see more...)

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our mission

~ To transform the lives of marginalized children in Haiti, especially the vulnerable children affected by the many natural disasters that have displaced many families and increased the level of poverty to a dangerous level. ~ To improve the quality of life for orphans, restevaks (domestic servants), and street children by providing a home and taking care of all their daily needs. ~ To provide resources, training, education and support to break the cycle of poverty.


We believe that every child has the right to feel safe and be protected. We rent a safe home in a secure location and have built relationships in the community so whether the girls are inside the walls or out they known that they are protected.


We believe that mental health is as important as physical health. We strive to provide the support our kids need for proper psychological and emotional development. We will begin working with a licensed counselor this fall.


We believe that every child has a right to proper nutrition for their growth and development. We buy local fresh fruits and vegetables to support the community and to give our girls the nutrition rich diet they had previously been deprived of.


We believe that every child has a right to an education. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and to building self-confidence. We are committed to helping our girls overcome cognitive obstacles and reach their full potential.  

Medical Care

We believe that every child has a right to proper healthcare and medical treatment. A local nurse is on call and visits the girls periodically. She monitors their growth and treats them for any illnesses as well as preventing infection.


We believe that true freedom can only be found in Christ. We are committed to raising our girls in a Christian atmosphere and teaching them about God's unconditional love for them. We attend church together as a family.


The Ungers

"Called in a totally new direction..."

Gary Unger was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A few years later and few miles away Mavis Kornelsen was born in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. The two were adolescent frenemies turned high school sweethearts. They were (see more...) 

meet our girls

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made... we are the 12 girls who call BOA home

Juliana and Carmelle Homepage

Juliana is the biggest tease of the family. She loves to make others laugh. 

Lisa homepage sm2

Lisa, born on December 24th, is a Christmas Eve baby. She loves to practice what English she is learning. 


Angie was older when she came to BOA and has more to catch up on them some of her sisters, but if anyone can its Angie! 


Clavincia was the last to arrive at BOA and the newest member of the family. She exuberates joy and finds delight in knowing that at long last she is right where she belongs. 

latest news
Happy New Year to all our BOA friends and family!
Happy New Year to all our BOA friends and family! We wish you all the a blessed 2019! We had a wonderful holiday season, some of it a busy blur, but much of it filled with the joy and laughter of the best kind, that which comes from lighthearted children. The kids had a break …

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BOA Birthday Girl – So Much Change in One Short Year
BOA Birthday Girl – So Much Change in One Short Year On Thursday, Maryline turned 6! Maryline was the first child brought to BOA. She arrived one month after we officially opened our doors. Maryline is the “firstborn” of the BOA girls in the family and also ironically the youngest. She was 4 years old …

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Dental Team Provides Free Care to 80!
Dental Clinic Dental Team Provides Free Care to 80! It’s been a busy week! Tuesday we kicked off the first of a three day clinic here at the BOA house. During our last clinic in June we asked members of the community what they needed the most, and they said dental care! Tooth decay and …

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Immediate prayer request

Please pray for safety right now as Haiti has been facing political unrest and violence.


Ken & Kim Morrow

Seeing the girls embrace Gary and Mavis as Mommie and Poppie was a joy, the example of the father heart of God. Beauty Out Of Ashes is exactly that! The girls have been chosen by Jesus to be part of the true family of God. The journey has and will be amazing.

ValerieLobeda BOA copy

Valerie Lobeda

Gary and Mavis are a wonderful couple who exemplify God's love. They have given love, safety and a sense of family to the girls in their home. I was blessed to be able to visit their house and experience the lighthearted and fun atmosphere they have created for all the girls! I cannot wait to see how God continues to use them in this ministry.


Reid Pullen

Beauty out of Ashes serves to help children who were once enslaved. They first love them and then educate them and show them Jesus’ true unconditional love. Beauty out of Ashes is a life saving organization that teaches Haitian children that they are valuable and loved.


Molly Little

Gary and Mavis pour themselves into the hurts and healing of their girls helping them find freedom in the love of Jesus and in the day to day commitment of family. They are absolutely amazing!!! I feel so privileged to know such beautiful souls who truly live out the love of Christ!


Dave Williams

BOA is a great example of what making a difference means. Gary and Mavis saw a need and chose not to just talk about it, but to actually roll their sleeves up and be a solution. They are the real deal! 

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