Jose Darline

Birthday: 28 February 2011



Jose Darline

Darline turned 8 years old on February 28th. She joined the BOA family October 2017. Darline was extremely malnourished with brown hair and sunken eyes due to malnutrition. She had been in a very traumatic situation and has a very hard time with all the baggage that she still carries from those incidents. She has a lot of issues with trust and has trouble building friendships as well, because of that she does a lot of fighting with the other girls. She is a tough little girl and will back down from absolutely no one, even much older, bigger kids. Last Spring when we were at the play structure, she foolishly passed right in front of the swings. A bigger boy mistakenly struck her in the chest with his feet, sending her flying backwards thru the air. While she was in the air, she was already balling up her little fists ready to battle. Fortunately the older boy thought it was a joke and let her take a few swings, but then suddenly the other 11 girls started to come to Darlene’s aid and I quickly stepped in and it was an early trip home. I did chuckle under my breathe at her extremely short fuse.

She really struggles with learning and has a very short attention span in school which we attribute to lack of nutrition as a young girl. Her favorite subject is reading and says she wants to be a Doctor, we’ll have to get her thru elementary first before we start talking to Harvard or Yale

She is always on her bike or scooter and practices riding with no hands, till she crashes. Darline is also quite a little athlete she is amazing at cartwheels and handstands. She love to sing and dance. She is one of a few of our girls who couldn’t care a less about how she looks or what she is wearing. Mom almost always makes her change into nicer clothes for church on Sunday mornings. Her crooked little smile melts our hearts and we truly Love her.


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