Dental Clinic

Dental Team Provides Free Care to 80!

It’s been a busy week! Tuesday we kicked off the first of a three day clinic here at the BOA house. During our last clinic in June we asked members of the community what they needed the most, and they said dental care! Tooth decay and gum infections are so common. (This is another result of a lack of nutrition in the general population’s diet.) However, cavities are usually not life-threatening, no matter how bad they get, so for someone who doesn’t have enough money to feed their children they are going to endure the pain rather than pay for the luxury of a filling.

The line was long on Tuesday morning. People of all ages had walked for miles to arrive early enough to be sure they'd get a spot to be seen. We had elementary school kids up to 70 year old's, and before the day was done everyone was cared for, praise God! The story continued on Wednesday when we also simultaneously ran a medical clinic. Dr. Jelosek and her two medical assistants saw and treated 35 patients in one day. By the end of Day 3 of the dental clinic on Thursday overall more than 80 patients had been seen. We are so grateful to Dr. Heezen from Minnesota, and Dr. Pullen and his daughter from California for taking a week away from their practices to serve the people of Haiti. They did everything from extractions to fillings to tooth restoration. One woman, who certainly had seen a story or two of history in her lifespan, came in with 8 teeth, 7 of which were completely unsalvageable and causing her excruciating pain. She left with one, relieved that the others were finally gone. The doctors even brought along with them a variety of equipment which allowed them to do more extensive dental procedures.

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them." Proverbs 3:27 NLT

Dr. Pullen has been coming to Haiti once a year, but after seeing the need this trip he will begin making the time to come back and run a clinic twice a year. This was Dr. Heezen's first trip to Haiti. He had an awesome time and fell in love with the people and enjoyed serving them. He is already making plans to come back again next year with three colleagues and a portable x-ray machine, so a lot more patients will be able to be seen more efficiently.

We are so grateful for teams that come out and bless our community. These people desperately need free healthcare, and we are so thankful when people like Dr. Jelosek, Dr. Heezen, and Dr. Pullen and his daughter give of their time and their skill to alleviate suffering and bring a light of Jesus to our window of the world.

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