Birthday: 4 October 2009




Sterline will be 10 years on October 9th. When she first arrived at our home she was terrified of us as she had lost her trust in grownups. She did a lot of watching the other girls start getting close to us and finally started to come around. She started to laugh and giggle, she was soon part of our merry band. She loves school and her favorite subject in school is spelling. When asked what career path she wants to choose, she says she wants to be a teacher. She is definitely a teacher’s pet and probably deserves that title, as she really applies herself in school and works very hard for good grades. She has a super attitude, seldom gets into trouble and she is just an all-around great addition to our family. Her favorite game is hide and seek and always comes up with crazy cool hiding places. She is very sassy and always has this sneaky little grin on her face and loves to tease. She loves to skip, do cartwheels and handstands. She loves going to church, especially children’s church. She has no trouble telling the other girls, Jesus would not like that and you better smarten up. She is very fussy about her clothes and always wants to look pretty. She loves playing with her doll and doing her dolls hair. Sterling has come such a long way from the shy little timid girl that walked into our home almost 2 years ago. It’s hard not to Love Sterline as she is such a well-mannered and soft spoken girl.

For $50 a month you can send Sterline to school!