Sorry it has been awhile! The girls are doing good in school but are excited about Christmas break. Hopefully we can keep them entertained for two weeks 😬! Cookie baking will be on the list for the first day, we will see how that goes with so many cooks in the kitchen, lol. We hope to take them swimming so please pray all stay safe. We will be having some Haitian traditional Christmas and New  Year food! Pumpkin soup for breakfast, see how my stomach handles that. I have terrible luck around motorbikes apparently but feel a lot better already. Want to thank all of you who prayed for me. This was very hard on Gary because he witnessed my other one already too. Then Sunday going to church we saw a young girl who had just been hit and was lying dead on the street. Needless to say Gary was very shook up!! God has been very faithful in providing what we need. Our friends Ken and Kim Morrow were here when my accident happened and could stay with the girls. Mellissa Friesen and Joyce Turner were amazing and brought supper for everyone here. So amazing to have such awesome friends! Some of our children and grandchildren got to come and that was incredible!! We had such a good time! The girls absolutely loved them and all the games they played with them. So fantastic to watch them all play together like a big family! We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!