Home in Haiti

Back from Our North American Adventures

Amidst much hugging and crying we left Fort Jacques, Haiti

on July 4th with very mixed emotions, very excited to see our kids and grandkids back in Canada and the US, but sad to leave our 12 girls behind. How would they handle us being gone for 2 months? Would they feel abandoned? Do they actually believe that we are coming back? We LOVE our girls deeply but we desperately needed to recharge. Haiti is not the easiest Country to reside in, and we could feel ourselves getting worn down. We were very fortunate that our good friends Gario and Maggie were available to step in as house parents. The girls knew them and felt very comfortable and safe with them in charge. We promised to keep in touch on a very regular basis thru FaceTime and WhatsApp, which we did, and this really helped the girls to countdown to our return date.

We were so excited that our daughter Mitchella was granted a US and Canadian Visitor visa. She boarded the plane to Austin, TX with us. This was Mitchella's first time on foreign soil, so it was quite overwhelming for her. We arrived in time for the birth of our 8th grandchild, Gracelyn Belle Turcotte on July 10th. It was so nice to see our Texan grandkids and our children and to get some much needed R&R. We were able to get together with some of our supporters as well. We felt so much encouragement and enthusiasm for the ministry, helping refuel us to enthusiastically continue down the road we have been called. Mitchella got to experience many firsts, and thoroughly enjoyed tubing the Guadalupe River, and a day at Schlitterbahn.

We then headed off to Canada, where we finally got to meet our 7th grandchild, Everett Hunter Unger born on June 13th. It was so good to see all our family again and spend a lot of time with our awesome grandkids. We got to touch base with MANY of our supporters, and had the privilege of reporting on BOA to the Heartland Church community, which is our home church. We launched our new Beauty Out of Ashes website at the beginning of August, along with a mini documentary to help better explain our ministry and why there is a need for it in the first place. We are very grateful to our web designers, Social Smart Penguin, for creating such an awesome website.

Our hearts will always be in multiple places, such is the case when you allow yourself to love deeply. Sept 2nd was a tough day, we had to say our goodbyes to our kids and grandkids, those of you who have grandkids, know that rips at your heart. But in saying good-bye we knew we were also getting ready to say hello to our Haitian girls again. We were very excited to be home with them, and they must have been excited too, because they went crazy when we pulled into the gate of our property. We are back to our busy, noisy, a little crazy, but very fulfilling life at BOA. Our girls are ready for some group counseling. This is one of our highest priorities right now and we hope to find a practice that is suited for their needs so they can start that in the very near future. School kicked off on Monday, Sept 10th. We are very excited for what this year holds for the girls. BOA just celebrated our one year anniversary and it has been such an amazing year. God has been extremely Faithful. Our girls have come such a very long way and we are so proud of them. As always, and we could never emphasize enough, Thank You to all of our supporters! It is because of your prayers for us and our girls and your sacrificial financial support that we are able to do what we do and these 12 girls are free from their life of abuse and servitude, and on the road to healing and wholeness in Christ. Thank You!

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