Birthday: 1 May 2005




Chrismie was the second child to arrive at BOA. She had been serving at a home in a wealthier neighborhood just a few miles down the mountain from Fort Jacques. She was a very shy and insecure 12 year old when she arrived. She was uncomfortable and uncertain of why she was there, guessing that it was to provide labor for the family she would refuse to help with chores and surprised that this did not result in beatings for her. Gary and Mavis understood the battle in her mind and rather than force her to help they provided this care for her. She had never known someone to shop for, prepare a meal, serve her food and clean up after her. She had never known someone to clean her clothes for her, or provide her with personal hygiene items and teach her how to use them. With time she began to understand that these acts were acts of love, and that is how her new family took care of one another because they loved each other.  

Today confident is an understatement when describing Chrismie. The shy little pre-teen who would sneak off to be alone whenever possible is now a leader in the pack. She stands tall and is not afraid to speak her opinion, even multiple times if that's what it takes to convince the others she is right. She is the first to volunteer to help with chores, and is always watching for ways that she can contribute to the well being of her family. The early weeks of her hoarding food in her pillow case not knowing if or when she would eat again are gone. She says she knows without a doubt that mommy and poppy will make sure she gets to eat, not even just once a day, which would have been a relief to her, but 3 times a day!

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